35 Ways to Bring the Perfect Floral Wallpaper Design to Your living Room

Floral decor never seems to go out of fashion. If you go through your old family photos you will find an array of brown and orange flower images on curtains, heavily patterned leaf motifs on thick pile carpets, and of course a floral brown velour sofa in your favorite aunt’s house. Today’s use of floral imagery requires a slightly more subtle approach, with milder ‘rustic’ and ‘shabby chic’ themes being the order of the day.

As with any design scheme, you can either plan it, buy it and create it – or let it evolve as you find the right pieces. If you have large rooms and plain walls, there are some easy ways to bring huge canvases of flowers into your home. Some of the obvious places that we tend to use floral patterns. Especially for living room wallpaper. There is an excellent array of wallpapers available nowadays, catering for all tastes in terms of design and budgets. There is still a trend to wallpaper a single feature wall, as opposed to the whole room. This works best when the wallpapered wall provides the backdrop to your room’s focal point. Choosing pale colors will help create a fresh, feeling of space.


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