39 Ideas Blue Color Schemes For Living Rooms

Blue is one of the most popular favorite colors in the world. However, it often translates as masculine or like a baby boy’s nursery when used in home decor. Blue can appeal to both genders and you can even use it in a kitchen. Blue color schemes for a living room or any other space in the house can have mass appeal and you can even make the color look sophisticated.

A slate living room can have a modern effect but you don’t want it to become dated too quickly. You may only replace your furniture once a decade so consider more neutral fabric choices like white, black or brown. Then you can paint the walls blue to pull out colors from the fireplace stone. You can also break up your living room set if you are short on space and substitute with a daring slate blue armchair that you can inexpensively replace later on.

Blue color schemes can create a soothing or daring space in your home depending on how you want to feel in your space. You can use blue in traditional, contemporary, or modern design. You might want to stick with blue on things like walls and wood furniture pieces because it’s easy to change out.

In addition to peace and calm, Blue also brings to mind an image of cleanliness. That’s why it’s a good color for your living rooms.


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