40+ Cozier Decor Ideas to Freshen Up Your Bedroom Look

Gone were those days when people lived in a bedroom with just white painted walls, regular bulbs, and marriage and family photos in standardized photo frames.

The trend today is to have ‘live walls’ that can talk for themselves. Each one having its own identity and narrating its own story! Folks like to decorate their bedroom walls with theme styling that totally blends with their personality, life style and fits the bill too!

Each one to its own, like they say! Today the market is flooded with ideas to decorate your bedroom walls. Even if you are not good at interiors, the internet can be your best pal to do mix and match and you can add your touch of creativity and personalize the bedroom walls.

All you should have is a broad understanding of floral colors and images of how your bedroom would look like. Dark-colored walls would make the room look warmer and light colors would add more space to your room.

Floral wallpapers, to decorate the wall fit perfectly for your bedroom. A big pattern, solid-colored wallpaper could totally go with a personality that is bold and gutsy.

However, a small pattern, with subtle pastel work would add more flavor to your house decor if you are the friendly neighborhood kinds.

If you are planning to decorate your bedroom, floral wallpaper on the walls can do magic to your ambiance and make you feel warm and special.

• To make the bedroom more blissful, one could have the perfect mix of bright and dim lights on the wall to match the ‘mood transition’. Soft feather hangings in pastel colors can distress and help in mental relaxation.

When working with bedroom decoration, it is always advised to use gold and silver glitter to add a touch of royalty and make the room look cozier.


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