60+ Chic Winter Home Decor with Faux Fur Accessories

There is nothing more inviting in a room than a comfy faux fur throw tossed over the arm of a chair or sofa. A beautiful throw instantly injects color and texture into a room and can be a wonderful statement piece. Pillow faux fur can be the best choice for a perfect and comfy living room, make your home warm and glamour at the same time.

With so many colors and styles to choose from, throws like pillows can be changed with the seasons – instantly updating the look of a room. For the Fall and Winter, seasons decorate with rich colors such as reds and golds – exotic textures such as faux fur and luscious velour’s add drama and warmth and are wonderful companions to a fireplace with a roaring fire.

To add a modern look to a room fold your faux fur throw in a long narrow panel and place it vertically along the back and seat of your sofa, rather than draping it over the arm of the couch. This instantly updates your room giving it a modern look. Try this treatment on a bed as well as placing the throw over one corner of the bed or in a nontraditional way across the bed closer to the pillows rather than at the foot of the bed. There are no rules so change it up and be creative!

Faux fur throws can be used in just about every room. They can be used as decorative accessories in a vignette, strictly for aesthetic reasons or as functional accessories for those nights on the couch watching TV and cuddling up with a loved one.

Faux fur throws also make perfect gifts – no matter what your budget is you will be sure to find something for everyone.

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