Interior Designer Advice For Building An Ideal Bathroom

The bathroom must be available in every residence. You can imagine how difficult it is to live in a house that does not have bathroom facilities. However, there is also a good idea we are not careless in building or renovating the space, but careful and precise so that the results are comfortable, clean, and beautiful.

There are several important elements that must be remembered by homeowners when renovating bathrooms, the chosen material is easy to maintain. Residents also need to maximize energy efficiency and focus on brightness wherever possible.


From the aspect of health, the interior designers stated that the bathroom must be considered the need for good circulation and air flow. ways that can be taken to realize this includes the use of rooster walls or hollow walls and exhaust fans, air suction in the room to be discharged to the outside, at the same time attracting fresh air outside into the room.

The drain pipeline must be considered the placement point and the slope of the floor to drainage so that the water resulting from activities in the bathroom can flow smoothly towards disposal. Water that bathes the bathroom is not healthy and invites many diseases.

As for the position of the bathroom, occupants are free to determine according to their respective tastes. But what needs to be considered is related to the position of the bathroom, namely the outside air circulation. Once again, one of the ideal bathrooms is air circulation. A matter of comfort, ideally every bedroom in the house contained a bathroom. Thus the residents do not have to bother to stand in line when there is a need to use the bathroom.

Before designing your bathroom also must pay attention to its function as a place to clean the body. That way the bathroom must support the cleaning activity. Furthermore, residents just determine the type of bathroom you want. For example, the type of powder room, the dry bathroom there is only a sink and mirror vanity or mirror. Type 3/4, bathroom available closet, sink, and shower. Full type, facilities available in the bathroom, namely closet, sink, shower, and bathtub.

For bathroom decoration again matched the concept of occupancy. The article every person has different design tastes so it cannot be beaten flat. For example, now not a few homeowners dare to put objects in the bathroom on the pretext of strengthening the style of electrical design. For windows in the bathroom, there are no rules that require.

If adequate then the window should be present in the bathroom. The size of this window can be designed integrated with the shape of the building to make it look beautiful. If the window is inadequate then you can use the exhaust.

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